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Vision statement and plan

The Glenmore Park Learning Alliance is a collaborative network of seven primary schools and one high school, partnered with the University of Western Sydney.

Through recognition of the values of public education, the Community of Practice (COP) has identified three strategic directions; leadership, culture and curriculum.

The shared purpose of the learning alliance is to collectively implement community-wide initiatives that capitalise on the combined knowledge and resources of staff and partners. This will provide opportunities to enhance teacher expertise and student learning through the delivery of innovative professional development and quality teaching programs.

The aim is to provide access to ground-breaking learning experiences. Staff will be given the opportunity to develop leadership capacity at a variety of levels through the provision of mentoring and coaching.

In leadership

Establish and nurture professional learning networks and positive relationships across the COP for the purpose of building leadership capacity through the delivery and implementation of focussed professional learning.

Opportunities to promote, guide and support the achievement of accreditation at proficient, highly accomplished and lead levels through highly effective mentoring and coaching practices will lead to excellence in classroom practice and leadership. Student leadership skills will be developed, supported and celebrated across the COP.

In culture

Quality student learning will be enhanced by developing an alliance-wide responsibility, catering to the individual potential of every student from Kindergarten to Year 12 within partnership schools. Learning opportunities will focus on future success and wellbeing through the provision of inclusive programs, enhanced extracurricular opportunities and real authentic learning experiences.

Strategies to communicate and promote the shared purpose and maintain the integrity of the COP will be implemented and monitored. Ongoing successes will be recognised and celebrated.

In curriculum

Professional development in each curriculum area will refine current practices and develop rich, explicit and systematic quality teaching. As a result of professional development, student learning and engagement will be at the forefront of our practice to strengthen, develop and deliver innovative programs that nurture guide, inspire and challenge students.

To foster learning pedagogies such as collaborative learning, critical thinking, authentic learning tasks and collegial networks, we will share best practice and utilise technology as a vehicle to enhance communication.

Glenmore Park Learning Alliance plan

Download the Glenmore Park Learning Alliance Plan (DOCX 2.8KB). This strategic plan explains the future plans of the Glenmore Park Learning Alliance.